Success doesn’t come overnight

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I remind myself this as I print out countless of copies, paperclip each on carefully, and tuck them away in a drawer. There are calls to make, more things to file and everything around me is busy with activity.

Success doesn’t come overnight.

Immediately I think how hackneyed this phrase is and how it could encompass the generic pallor of my current life. Yeah, so what? Sometimes common phrases do contain a grain of truth.

The day whizzes by me governed by paper, people, and copies. When I think of it, I want to kick my younger self in the face good and hard for no reason aside from the fact I wish I had known better. Known better to ask for help when I needed it, known better than to waddle around things beyond my control and listen to people that didn’t matter.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda…

Another one of those annoying phrases.

The situation remains and my present remains but my future is open to possibility. I have to grasp at possibility. Live in the present and in the future and find the perfect balance between the two.

Reading this post from Chris G. , I think of all the obstacles he went through to achieve his goals. Or how some of my high school friend’s made great sacrifices in order to get into their desired school of choice or even my own gamble at moving away from home so I could learn to live on my own. Maybe the phrase should be more like: Success is a bitch, don’t expect handouts. I think I like the sound of that much better.


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