New page: Fiction bits

Photo by Dave Heuts

Photo by Dave Heuts

I am trying my hand at writing fiction again. Like I said before, I have been trying to complete Goins’ 31 day writing challenge as a way to challenge myself to include more writing in my daily schedule. I have found, however, several obstacles that have impeded success in this challenge. Some of them include:

1. Taking on more “daily habits” than I have time for. Such as exercising daily and walking the dog. I have been keeping track of them on Lift and noticed that there simply isn’t enough hours in the day.  By the time I am finished, 4 to 5 hours have passed and I am passed out on the couch. I need to accept that I can’t do everything.

2. I lose time when making my food in the lounge. On the way back from there, I get stopped by a student, teacher, administrator and next thing you know  20 minutes are gone.

3. I did not make it top priority. Like I said in my last post, eating healthy and exercising are top priorities right now. I have been at this since November and I intend to keep it that way for the longhaul. Also the dog, ’cause, you know, the dog wants to walk too.

So yes, sad day. What I have decided to do was to keep trying to at least finish the challenge of writing 31 days of 500 words. I am currently standing at more than 15 days of writing. I have written on more days than that but did not reach the 500 word mark on those particular days. I am trying to stay true to the goal as much as possible.

I will be including a  page called ‘Fiction Bits’ which will be mostly related to flash fiction. I am planning on updating it on occasion as preliminary work to another project which is currently on the backburner for now.