Interview with Donald Silwick

Donald at work :)

Donald at work :)

I recently chatted with Donald Silwick, a fellow designer. He is a marketing professional, blogger, and freelancer focusing on unique design and copywriting. He has been putting his talents to use since 2010 and has proudly served clients both domestic and international. Donald holds a BS in Communication Studies from Towson University and is currently enrolled in the university’s graduate design program. His background includes experience in marketing, public relations, advertising, branding, social media, web/graphic design, and business development.

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Do you have any tips for fellow designers?

Try and learn one new thing each day. This may seem overwhelming but it really isn’t if you know where to look. I personally challenged myself to try it this year and it has worked great. I have found places like GDF (Graphic Design Forum) and Smashing Magazine to be great places to learn new things. Those places can eat you up for a few hours if you aren’t careful!

What would you tell someone just starting off in design?

Try everything and don’t be afraid to make mistakes! You need to develop/discover your style and that is how you go about it. Around the time you do that, you will have a sense for what works and what doesn’t. In design, that is half the battle. But the best part is that you never find the end of that rainbow. Every day you can try something new, grow, learn, and smile (assuming your design worked).

Speaking of style, what’s yours and how did you discover it?

I would imagine everyone has issues categorizing their own style. I would say my style is modern. I like clean designs using black and white with a splash of a bright color. My website looks just like that, as well as all of my promo materials.

I discovered my own style through a lot of trial and error. I kept on trying new ways of approaching the same project and one day it all clicked.

How do you contribute to the design community?

Mostly forums and social media thus far. I’m trying to get into some new things but I found contributing to the discussion on forums and giving feedback on designs via Behance can be incredibly worthwhile! I have a few other projects in the back of my mind but they are in the early goings. I’m always looking for ways to contribute more!

One more question. What’s your favorite one of your designs?

Picking favorite designs is like picking favorite children (it shouldn’t be done!). Every design has its strengths and weaknesses (sometimes they are obvious). I can tell you that I’ve done a lot of designs that I’m proud of but picking a favorite is hard. I’ve always enjoyed designing print over web because you get to touch the end result and that’s a special feeling. In the last year, I designed a cool postcard and a really clean magazine layout that I’m really proud of. Let’s go with those!

Thanks for having me, Karina. I have really enjoyed checking out your website and don’t worry, I’ll be checking back often!