Vacation Inspiration + Guest Post

Photo by Doug

Photo by Doug

In my naïveté, I loaded my carry-on with books and writing that needed to be done. I had this idea that all this free time would lead to super productive hours in learning, writing, reading and drawing. But guess what: none of that productive business really happened. The most I felt compelled to do was to draw and listen to sounds of the rushing river, talk to my family, or simply stare off into the landscape. My notebook sat idly near by and halfway through my trip, I lost my pen. 

Did I regret it? Not a single bit. My mind was finally allowed to go on a real vacation. No thinking about the to-do lists, or lesson plans; no thoughts about cleaning my apartment or that I still needed to buy groceries.

The thoughts that did flow into my mind were this: How different would my life look like if I didn’t live in the US? What could I live without? What could I not live without? Would my husband feel like taking on this adventure with me and try out life in a different country? Will this place still allow me to do the things I love? Am I doing enough of the things that I love right now? I recently finished the book Art of Nonconformity  and it had me thinking a lot about the direction of my life to include more of things that I love in my life.

In the background, writing, writing away

Thanks to Goins’ writing challenge (which now am on Day 23) I have written a lot more than I have in the past several months. Still haven’t found that sweet spot yet where I have writing in my daily routine. Separating my work schedule with my writing has been a constant struggle. I’ve tried in the morning to write but unless I’ve done like jumping jacks or gotten enough sleep in the morning, I pass out on the keyboard. I’ve tried at night time but since my desk is near the bed, I take a quick break to lay down and I pass out. No joke. I even had a brief stint on writing during my lunch breaks but unless I lock my door, cut off the lights and hide in a corner where no one sees me, I am always interrupted. My next tactic will be to write after walking the dog and exercise since I do those 2 things 75% of the time.

The challenge provided the beginnings of a fiction project. After writing a detailed outline, I actually started getting excited. Which makes a writing routine even more essential now than before.

How are you making your writing routine work for you? What obstacles have you come across in achieving some writing/blogging bliss?

Now looking for guest bloggers.

I have had guest posters in the in the past and I decided to make that a dedicated part of my blog.  Check out my guest post page for full details. The idea is to have a guest blogger twice a month and a personal post once a month until school lets out. I am currently looking for anything related to design, writing, work/life balance and more. I would love to hear from you!


Some extra reading nourishment for writers:

Creating Stunning Character Arc series by K.M Weiland – Great stuff on character development

Making Stuff Up by Joshua Kay – Article on how Kay realized that being a writer is part of who he is

The Lost Art of Practice by Chad Engle – Practice, practice, practice. AKA the grind :)


Happy creating!